Saturday, June 7, 2008

Struggling with the creative/marketing/family balance

And I don't even want to talk about how long it has been since I exercised. I wish there was some way I could keep all the balls in the air without one or two (or more) other areas going to pot. Add to that my husband building his own new business and it feels a little crazy at times. Deep breath!

You know, I don't need a spotless house. It's just not in my nature I don't think. But damn, it's a disaster area right now and it's so affecting my mood and creativity level. It makes my mind feel cluttered, ya know?!?

And then I get sucked into the wonderful world of Etsy. I go on to do a few things and before I know it I'm reading up on new marketing avenues or techniques and BLAM.....hours have passed.

I really don't know how others balance all this. Anyone care to share? I did manage to make one bracelet last night. I still have a bunch of unfinished watercolors I think I told myself a week ago I was going to finish. Better get onto it and off of here. Have a good day all!


Patti said...

Take a deep breath, Little Dickens! I do know exactly how you feel, however. I'm torn on a daily basis and now am looking at ETSY as a wonderful excuse not to clean! I think we just have to relax and go with the flow. How's that for being trite?

Foxglove Studios said...

LOL, Patti.

I think all Etsy sellers (save the few insanely disciplined ones) have been there! There's even a flickr photo pool called "Get Off Etsy and Get to Work Support" but it's more about creating than doing housework.

The novelty will probably wear off. If not, use an egg timer! ;)

My house is beyond cluttered right now... It's downright dirty. The disadvantage of no hubby to complain, methinks. Not many guys are ok with vegging in front of the TV wearing a haz-mat suit.

BlossomingTree said...

"it's a disaster area right now and it's so affecting my mood and creativity level. It makes my mind feel cluttered, ya know?!?"

I so feel you on this. I planned to list new items on the 1st and haven't gotten to them yet. It's a job in itself to organize but sticking to it is the real task LOL. All the best to you!:)

Karma by Morgan said...

It sounds like you might want to try making an hourly plan. You dont have to go to a gym to exercise. There are a lot of great DVDs that you can do that are only about 20 - 30 minutes.

I had a hard time too when I quit my other job. I started to go to yoga and it released a lot of stress and I was getting in shape. Then I stopped going. Started setting my alarm for earlier in the morning spending a few hours promoting my blog and working on my store online. That includes research. Doing laundry while I make jewelry in my studio or photographing.

It takes time to figure out a schedule but they do work.

GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it!!

moonmystic said...

I'm in the same boat. Not enough time to do everything, clean, make stuff, and be a mom (and a wife.)

ThePeachTree said...

It's definitely a challenge and anyone who told you otherwise would just be fooling themselves :) Good luck to you!