Friday, December 12, 2008

"It was the feel-good legislation of the year!"

That's how the movie review would might read for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that handily passed through both houses of Congress in August of 2008. How could we not want to protect kids from evil lead-laden toys? This is a no-brainer, right?

Well, not entirely. What might seem like a piece of legislation that has no victims does, in fact, have thousands upon thousands of victims in the form of small and mid-size companies and truly, even the kids this legislation is meant to protect. This legislation will put thousands of businesses out of business, simple as that. Aside from the fact that kids and parents may have far fewer options for selecting unique and hand-made toys and clothing, it seems that children with special needs could be hurt more as the availability and cost for their much needed tools and manipulatives could be impacted, if the legislation goes through as written.

Others have written far more informatively and eloquently than I could on this subject, so I'm mainly looking to provide links so others can learn more about this topic and how you can help! Because it is not too late, YOU CAN HELP! We all have a voice and the power to tell the media, other parents, and our elected officials how we feel about this!

I AM a parent. I have two boys, ages 3 and 6. Of course I want to see them and every child kept as safe as possible. But there has to be some middle ground here to make these regulations both protect kids and yet keep creativity alive and protect us from another huge hit to the economy!

Here are places to learn more... - Is CPSC's New Lead Regulation Going To Wipe Out The Baby Non-Industrial Complex Next February? - Toy Safety Legislation: Good Intentions Lead to Catastrophic Results for the Natural Toy Industry - The CPSIA: Good in Theory, Hurting Small, Favorite Green Businesses in Practice

Etsy's Open Letter regarding the CPSIA

If you are business owner and want to know how this will affect your business you can ask questions of the CPSC by clicking this link


Tell everyone you know!
Take a few minutes to call your local newspaper or TV station and tell them about it. Pass the info along to a friend who might own a small business and see how it impacts them. Call up your local, independently owned toy store or resale shop and ask them how it will affect them or any vendors they work with.

Call your congressional representatives!
Or write to them. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Crafters & Artists please join the protest -

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