Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm planting a garden

On paper that is. It's cold and dreary today, so I'm painting funky flowers. Nothing like some bright colors to make a person happy!

I'm wishing today I was anywhere but here. Well, maybe not anywhere. Italy would be nice. Someplace warm where I could just sit outside at a cafe and enjoy a few nice glasses of wine.

Alas, too much to do. I need to paint a educational piece my husband is working on for ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. I'll be sure to post pictures when that's all done.

Not much new to report when you don't leave your house for the day!

Digging the itty-bitty format

I can see how ACEOs are addictive. I had some fun tonight making some. Finally got my new scanner working too, so here's the latest ---->

I really need to start going to bed earlier. That is all folks!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The pitter patter of little feet

I'm still hearing it. It's 10:34 pm and I'm still hearing it. The "E-Man", my 3 year old, has decided it's a great time to play a rousing game of only child. Not that he's not a charming evening companion, but come on!

I haven't made much progress today on cleaning out my space. I think I'm in major avoidance mode. Instead I spent too much time procrastinating on the computer and cleaning out my kids clothing drawers. They have way more clothes than I do. There is just something wrong with that! I think I need someone to issue me a challenge so I'll stay on track.

Here's an artist I'm diggin' on today. Her name is JessicaSimanowski. Check out her etsy shop -- http://www.jessicasimanowski.etsy.com/

The E-Man just said to me "Mama, you are the only one who has sounds in your body. You are the only one, nobody else". I'm not sure what that means and if I should be offended. Oh wait.....he's wearing a toy stethoscope. Does that make it better?

It's 11pm.....little man you are so going to bed!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Git up offa your....

Right now I'm trying to make myself do that. Weatherman promised a nice day today....uh yeah if you consider 57 and gray nice.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating cleaning out my craft space? Too bad I'm not still in college with a paper to write, then I could promise you that craft space would be sparkling clean about now.

Since I have no great wisdom to share this morning (coffee has not kicked in) I went in search of inspiration. This morning this baby quilt is making me very happy. It was created by Sea Urchin Art Quilts. BRILLIANT!
Alright kiddos, I'm off to create something, hopefully not more of a mess.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Shoutout to my man!

I would be very remiss if I did not let you all know about the business my husband started recently. It's a small-scale vermicomposting facility in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. For those who don't know, vermicomposting is composting with worms. But I'll let the man explain it all to you when you visit his website. For those who are faint of heart, I'll spare posting the picture of the worms here, but I gotta say the little buggers are SO COOL! It's amazing what they do. Our son Alex considers them the 9th member of our family (me, husband, Alex, Evan, then our pets, a dog, cat, two beta fish, and #9 = thousands and thousands of worms).


Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to my random thoughts

They are pretty random. What can I say? Motherhood seems to have brought out the scatter-brain in me.

I'm new to blogging and new to what I think is one of the coolest sites ever, etsy.com. I just barely opened my store there. I hope you'll check it out http://www.littledickensdesigns.etsy.com/

So today I'm wishing my kids had school or something so I could just craft and tool around websites for inpiration. Alas, I desperately need to clean my house for my son's birthday party in two days. But I did want to show off an etsy shop I saw this morning that I thought had some very cool stuff. Makes me wish I had a little girl! This comes from http://www.ogekko.etsy.com/
Off to clean (or procrastinate some more). Later!