Friday, May 29, 2009

Sometimes You Need a Fairy House!

I wish I could say I woke up this morning and was completely over yesterday's sour mood. But general restlessness is not the kind of thing you can just forget about in a day. But at least I didn't cry or feel so frustrated with my self.

I think a good productive day would have probably done wonders to boost my mood, but instead I had one of those bounce from place to place kind of days. You know the type....take my younger son in for a preschool screening test, come home and prep for an art history lesson for my older son's class, go to school to teach that (running late of course), get a snack, hit the libary, pick up older son from school, go home briefly to get everyone fed, then to the vet to pick our dog up from surgery he had today. Not much time to sit down and think, or create, or anything that my soul could have used after a day like yesterday. But I did accomplish stuff, just not the visible things that you can look upon at night and be proud you finished.

As promised, I will be posting my very long list of activities for kids (TV Free) in another day or two, so please stay tuned! But tonight I'm going to focus on one thing I'm excited to to make. I think because I have boys and this seems wonderfully "girly". Not something I get to do around here very often and it's on my own to-do list of summer goals. But I mentioned the idea to my boys and they actually seem excited about it!

We were at Disney World about a month ago during the Epcot Flower Festival. There was a lovely little "Tinkerbell's Garden" during the festival that my sister-in-law and I dubbed our serenity spot. For anyone who has ever been to Disney, you know serenity spots are few and far between, but also very much needed. In the garden there were lovely fairy/pixie houses. I was quite captivated by them and cannot wait to make a few of my own from materials found in the woods around my home. The photos here are a couple that we saw at Disney.
I just want to shrink down and crawl inside and watch the big, ol' world from my twig framed windows. Oh yes, and have tiny wings and be able to fly. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?


Flight Fancy said...

Dream away! I'm pretty sure all us busy mama's have wings, it's just that only other moms can see them.

Lizzie said...

oh wow, i want to live in those.