Saturday, May 23, 2009

He's FOUR!

On Wednesday my little man turned four (sniff, sniff). Actually, it's bittersweet because while he was the sweetest baby, he's also developing into the most interesting little man. He's got a great sense of humor, is creative, and keeps me laughing. I look forward to every new year with him and what will unfold.

But today while my husband has trucked off with our two boys I am off on a mission to get ready for the E-Man's birthday party (on Monday). My little fickle man has gone through several iterations of a birthday party theme (Star Wars, a campout sleepover - nixed by mom due to age of buddies, pool party, etc.). He finally landed on the multiple theme of..... Scooby Doo Dinosaur Mystery Splash Party. It was a last ditch effort on my part after I bought a whole bunch of Scooby Doo books as party favors and E announced he wanted a dinosaur party. You are killing me kid! So, anyway, one thing I wanted to do was make a little song list fitting the theme of the party. Any suggestions on tunes?

Also, if you have any great, inexpensive, party favors or games to suggest I am all ears!

Off to shower and shop. Have a great day all!


Dirt. said...

our boys are close in age! my little man turned 4 on the 17th. isn't it so incredible watching them grow from babies into little people?! it just doesn't get old.

happy birthday, E-man!

Audrey said...

Love the theme for your party!! My boys are close together in age, but luckily past the bday party stage. Those parties are a lot of work~!

Bellissima said...

Oh, to be planning a party for a 4yo again! I'm about 6 yrs out of the loop so I'm short on suggestions, but have lots of fun - it'll be a blast!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

thanks for stopping by. love your tv free lists!