Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fifty TV-Free Activities for Kids This Summer

Here's a START to the list of fun things you can do. My kids gave me lots of ideas, I searched the web, asked friend, and also a big THANK YOU to Gina from Unpink Life for her awesome list from last summer, as you can see many ideas came from her. I'm the compiler here, hoping this will help other parents.

If you haven't already seen it, please check out my list of Eighty-Three Things To Do on a Rainy Day.

There are more ideas coming, stay tuned! Some of the ideas are specific to my area, but you get the idea!

1. Act in a play
2. Adopt a Webkinz
3. Arrange a bouquet of flowers
4. Attend a concert
5. Attend a first aid class
6. Backpack overnight
7. Bask in the sun (wearing the proper SPF, of course)
8. Bike, bike, bike
9. Bird watching
10. Blow bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles
11. Build a campfire
12. Build a sandcastle
13. Build a tree house
14. Buy a boyscout badge book and work on badges
15. Catch butterflies
16. Catch catepillars and keep them until they turn into butterflies
17. Catch frogs
18. Clean up a nature trail
19. Collect donations and volunteer at a local animal shelter
20. Create a terrarium
21. Decorate flip flops
22. Decorate some plain canvas sneakers
23. Decorate special outfits for the Independence Day parade
24. Decorate white tshirts
25. Dig for fossils
26. Feed the ducks at a pond
27. Fly a kite
28. Gather tinder, kindling and fuel for a night fire
29. Go camping
30. Go canoeing
31. Go on a scavenger/treasure hunt
32. Go outside and find five different kinds of flowers
33. Go to a ballgame
34. Go to a carnival in the evening
35. Go to a farmer's market
36. Go to the Drive-In
37. Go to the library then sit under a tree reading in the afternoon
38. Go to the Saturday movie nights at Ben & Jerry’s
39. Go to the zoo
40. Have a bonfire
41. Have a bubble gum blowing contest
42. Have a daylong science camp @ home with friends
43. Have a drawing contest on the sidewalk with chalk
44. Have a good ol' watermelon seed spitting contest
45. Have a paper airplane contest
46. Have a picnic
47. Have a root beer float dessert night
48. Have a splash party at home with the kiddie pool, water balloon fight, etc.
49. Have a super-soaker fight
50. Have a winter theme party


trudette, said...

Pity , my kids are all grown up now , great tips !

Audrey said...

Great ideas!! We tried to do as much as possible with the boys in the summer when they were young. Who needs TV?

die Blume said...

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

Tabby Talk said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of ideas!!

Thank you for the kind comment on my Covenant Garden earrings too!

little cardmaker said...

How about bake and decorate cupcakes?

Kaye said...

Was visiting from HomemakerBarbi's site and found your site with this great list :) One of my grandkids and my favorite activities is making and flying paper airplanes. Glad to see it made your list as well :)

Joi said...

Wonderful list :)

AMIT said...

Oh wow fifty activities thats really great.Thanks for this useful post.

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