Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ever Want to Go Curl Up in Someone Else's Blog?

Well, I do.....daily! I try to read a few blogs each day and there are always a few posts that I wish I could just step into, have a look around, enjoy a good cup of coffee or glass of wine....ahhhh! I love all the blogs I follow (see the left column), but I wanted to share a couple of recent posts that made me feel great. I won't copy pictures here from the blogs, so go visit them & have a gander.

My first stop is wonderbug: adventures in the blogosphere. I'm especially drawn to the sofa in the vintage kitchen gems and natural pantry staples, ahoy! post. I can see myself here with a good book. Cozy, yet watching the world go by.

Next I'd visit iHanna's blog. With a title like Create & Live Happy: art, craft & inspiration in everyday life, how could you not want to hang out with her? I especially love the Filling a paper with colours is calming post. It makes me happy. I want to go hang out with her, create, get my hands nice & dirty. I wonder if she'd make me her Pad Thai??

After that I'm going to take a nice hot bath, put on a lovely sundress, and gather my best girlfriends to visit Pepper Design Blog. Spicing it Up for the Home and Hostess...indeed! Just look at the fabulous table setting in Part 2: A {Vintage Nesting} Baby Shower. I hope I'm not too full from my Pad Thai! Guess I'll just have some desserts and latte!

Thanks you all for giving me some brightness on this rather cold & rainy day!


mamacooker said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower. aka :)

Kate and Oli said...

great finds! i'm going to check them out now!

I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that you have a new follower! Have a beautiful week!

xo, Katie

kanishk said...

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StunningAnnaK said...

I am addicted to other people's blogs too! I read them over my lunch hour at work!

Found you in the forums - follow you!

iHanna said...

Glad you enjoyed our pad thai, now let's get some glue sticks out shall we! :-)

Thanks for linking and reading, I appreciate it!

Sarita said...

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