Sunday, May 25, 2008

The pitter patter of little feet

I'm still hearing it. It's 10:34 pm and I'm still hearing it. The "E-Man", my 3 year old, has decided it's a great time to play a rousing game of only child. Not that he's not a charming evening companion, but come on!

I haven't made much progress today on cleaning out my space. I think I'm in major avoidance mode. Instead I spent too much time procrastinating on the computer and cleaning out my kids clothing drawers. They have way more clothes than I do. There is just something wrong with that! I think I need someone to issue me a challenge so I'll stay on track.

Here's an artist I'm diggin' on today. Her name is JessicaSimanowski. Check out her etsy shop --

The E-Man just said to me "Mama, you are the only one who has sounds in your body. You are the only one, nobody else". I'm not sure what that means and if I should be offended. Oh wait.....he's wearing a toy stethoscope. Does that make it better?

It's 11pm.....little man you are so going to bed!


Beat Black said...

awww, he sounds so adorable. what kinds of sounds are these? lol

Arasay Ontaguemay said...

I just discovered JessicaSimanowski, and I love her work too! :)